Yahoo! Maps

Yahoo! Maps for iPhone

Find your way around using your iPhone


  • Highly usable
  • Quick and accurate
  • Zoom to your preferred level of detail
  • Effective search functionality


  • No satellite view
  • Some minor bugs

Very good

Are you lost and are searching for help? Then install Yahoo! Maps for iPhone and get yourself back on track.

If you're one of those characters who couldn't find their way out of a glass of water then you can now save yourself with your iPhone. Instead of having to lug a map around with you all day, the ultra simple-to-use Yahoo! Maps for iPhone will help you find your way through it's crystal clear, zoomable interface.

Specially optimized for the iPhone, Yahoo! Maps for iPhone gives you the power to see a map of the tiniest street in any city in the World within seconds. You can zoom into the level of detail you desire, and navigate out with the touch of a fingertip.

In addition, Yahoo! Maps for iPhone is equipped with an incredibly fast and intuitive search tool to help you find places even quicker. Too bad Yahoo! Maps doesn't include the same satellite view as Google Earth though.

Although there are still a few minor bugs to iron out, Yahoo! Maps for iPhone manages to offer a quick and convenient way of finding places when you're out and about.

Yahoo! Maps


Yahoo! Maps for iPhone

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